Trevor Tang

Trevor Tang
  • Senior Business Innovation Manager
  • The Hong Kong and China Gas Co. Ltd. (Towngas)

Mr. Trevor Tang is a chartered engineer with considerable experience in gas network operations, business analysis and business planning. Throughout his career at Towngas, he has provided unfailing support to the continuous transformation of the Group. Mr. Tang joined the newly established Strategy and Innovation Department in 2017 and now serves as Senior Business Innovation Manager. His present role is to promote continuous improvement and an innovative culture within the Group. He oversees the Continuing Transformation Office (CTO) of the Company and runs the Superior Quality Service (SQS) Programme established to enhance quality and productivity. Mr. Tang also manages Towngas Innovation Funding and is responsible for monitoring and facilitating the progress of projects sponsored by the scheme.

In 2016, Mr. Tang’s Bluetooth Smart Metering System project became the first project sponsored by Towngas Innovation Funding. The System was launched to market in May 2018 and provides a smart meter reading reporting solution for Towngas customers. In the same year, the project won the “Hong Kong Awards for Industries: Innovation and Creativity”.

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