Chris Chan

Chris Chan
  • Cyber Security Analyst
  • UDomain

Mr Chris Chan, the Cyber Security Analyst of UDomain, has been focusing on web application security, malware analysis and various researches related to cybersecurity technologies. He is holding qualification including OSCP, OSCE and CEH. He possessed world-class penetration test skills and has been a professional Bug Hunter for over 10 years. He has spot and reported vulnerabilities to giant IT companies including ASUS, Yahoo, eBay and Apple and in return, received their acknowledgements and rewards. Having such expertise in cybersecurity, he has also contributed to malware analysis for a Hong Kong Threat Intelligence Sharing Platform and the first VXCon CTF (Capture-the-Flag) competition in Hong Kong, hoping to promote the public’s awareness on cybersecurity and to nurture new talents for Industry.

Mr Chan was one of the key speakers in Security Congress APAC 2017 and DragonCon 2017. In past 2 years, he also participated and demonstrated latest cyberattack trends and technologies in various cybersecurity seminars and occasions such as Information Security Summit 2018.

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